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Where Conscious Capital Connects to Great Ideas

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Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Chintana's Birthday Unity Community
Legacy Driven Leadership - SOAR
On the Scene
African Oil & Gas BlackTie Gala
International Spy Gala
Women Empower Women
African Arts Fashion Week DC
Top Secret Agent
On the Scene
Miss Culture
Career's Day
Sweeble in the house
Winter Fashion
Spy International NYE
Women of Excellence - HerLife
Mayor's Gala ATL
Fashion Fundraising

Together We Can!



Story of People who are Doing Extraordinary Things

HerLife International Fashionshow
African Fashion Week
NYE Spy Gala
Malaysian Embassy
Pacific Miss Asian American
On the Scene
HerLife Women of Excellence
Pacific 2016
DC Swimweek
NYE International Gala
International Spy Gala
DC Swimweek
We'll Survive Cancer
International Spy Gala
International Spy Gala
Miss Veteran America
Mrs. DC

Project We Support

MGM National Harbor Development

Project We Support

Smart City Project Development

Lakeshore Cove, Louisiana

Supporting Cancer Survivor

Conversation with sher Matthew, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society MWOY Woman of the year candidate 

IMF and World Bank Conference 

Conversation on the U.S. Economy, Global Banking and Social Impact

Mrs. DC & Mrs. Maryland
The night to remember

"Chintana's uncorked"

I Manifest Bliss

"Blue Conference FFCC"

Conversation that unity community. Racism, Sexuality, Peace. You can be the change agent

Celebrating Thai New Year
Interview with Her Excellency

Pattrawan Vechasart

Royal Thai Embassy Minister

Thailand Fundraising
Over 1.7 million people effected by flooding

Join Us / Sunday July 16th / 6pm to 9pm

2nd Chintana & Friends

UnityCommunity / DayParty with a Purpose Event 

  • MGM Grand - Nation Harbor MD / Overlooking the Waterfront


  • DJ – Mixologist: Julian Tucker

  • Live Performance: Johnnie Steele and The Steel 4 Real Band

Changing Lives, Connecting People to Opportunities and Organizations that move marketplaces



Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Kira Omans
Unity Community & Kindness
Miss Maryland International
Actress/Miss Pacific Asian American
Unity Community & Kindness
Ash Shukla, CEO of Ash Is Cash
Founder Ladies America
Unity Community & Kindness
EI Global Delegate
Mrs. Delaware 2017
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
EI Celebrity Photographer
EI Genius Media Photographer
Marcus Bennett
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness
Unity Community & Kindness



In someone’s garage, somewhere in the world is the Next Big Thing; the next big disruptor, the next rain maker, the next big game changer. In someone’s garage is the next Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Snapchat, the next Whats Apps, the next Gene Sequencer, the next Sharing Community solution, the next Cure for some human condition.

EMPOWERIMAGINATION (EI) is a Discovery Platform for these Next Generation Ideas to find their way out of the garage and into the marketplace. Great Ideas need access to great teams of visionaries.  Great Ideas need great teams, best-of-breed flexible funding, collateral-backed assets to engineer the property liquidity to move from Gross Potential to Sustainable Net Reality (SNR).






Connecting global thought leaders with capital markets to create social impact




Through the work of the EI Institute, we endeavor: 

  •  To connect Social Impact Projects with appropriate Conscious Capital

  • To bring first to market products and service providers to a (shared opportunity) market place

  • To bring business communities together

  • To erase stereotypes and issues affecting women in the marketplace


    Our five C's - Content | Community | Capital Markets | Commerce | Collaboration





Empower Imagination (EI) World Congress 

Connecting Ultra High Net Worth Capital Markets to Social Impact Projects Designed to Empower Local and Global Communities


EI Awards


  • A discovery platform for leadership communities where great minds come together

  • A platform for innovators, entrepreneurs, angel investors and business professionals to communicate, aggregate, innovate and inspire constructive and creative start up and acceleration

  • Currently accepting EI 2019 Award Nominees

  • Delegates and Community Awards and Acknowledgements

  • EI Forgotten Awards

  • Change Makers, Rain Makers, Innovators, Scientists, Engineers, Politicians, Activists, Students, Media Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Professional Service Providers





Global Congress Of Delegates​

His Excellence Vijavat Isarabhakdi
Ambassador of Thailand to Canada​


Chintana Vann Ketsongkhram
Empower Imagination 



VFOX Island Private Equity





To be considered, submit the following where applicable:


  1. Picture, bio, your title, your ownership %, company logo, your direct contact info

  2. Project brief or white paper of your concept, solution and how it impacts positive social change

  3. Sizzle-reel demo of your presentation or solution



Hero & She'ro
News & Activities

News and Activities​

2016 International Miss MD, Miss Ethiopia and Miss Virgin Island/Swim Wear Designer & Sweeble's CEO

By Chintana Vann

Check out EI On the Scene Latest Talk Show and Discussion
We are streaming live on WLVS Every Sunday 2PM EST

2016 International Miss MD, Miss Ethiopia and Miss Virgin Island/Swim Wear Designer & Sweeble's CEO

This week On the Scene with 2016 International Miss Maryland, Shenetta Malkia, Miss Ethiopia, Ruhama Zewde Hayle and Miss Virgin Island/Swim Wear Designer, Lisa Opie about women empower women. How Miss Virgin Island discover her calling and change the problem to opportunity to live her passion.  What's hot in the app market?  CEO, of Sweeble app stop by our studio to share his new product.

Host: Patricia McDougall & Chintana Vann

USA National Miss DC Princess, Miss Culture & Celebrity Makeup Artist

By Chintana Vann

Check out EI On the Scene Latest Talk Show and Discussion
We are streaming live on WLVS Every Sunday 2PM EST

USA National Miss DC Princess, Miss Culture & Celebrity Makeup Artist

This week On the Scene with the African Kings at 2016 Caribbean Heritage Month Briefing and Celebration Award Gala, 
the HRM Ooni Adeyeye Ogunwusi Ojaja II of Ife Kingdom, Nigeria at US Congress. Powerful performance by LADY SAW from Jamaica & Caribbean-American Performing Artists Singing at White House.

Beauty on the mission, a conversation with Miss Culture 2016, Chancé Chantele Hindir and USA National Miss District of Columbia Princess 2016- Amaris Shipman sharing their platform to empower young women. Celebrity Make-Up Artist' Josie Valdez came to share her tips about Skincare and how to bring out your inner Diva. 

Host: Patricia McDougall & Chintana Vann

Inspiring Stories & Embassy Chef Challenge

By Chintana Vann

Check out EI On the Scene Latest Talk Show and Discussion
We are streaming live on WLVS Every Sunday 2PM EST

Inspiring Stories & Embassy Chef Challenge

This week conversation with Joy Dufour, Founder of  Mustard Seed Communities, serving children in Africa and Caribbean, meet the Author of The Parent’s Smart Guide to Sending Your Kids to College Without Going Broke, Gwen Thomas, find out more about scholarship resources and useful information for both parents and students.

We also had a surprised food tasting by Chef Manuel Rodriguez, 2016 Winner of Embassy Chef Challenge. Our special guest, Maimah Karmo, she is the Founder and CEO of the Tigerlily Foundation, survivor of breast cancer and 3 wars, sharing her inspiring life story. To learn more about her foundation visit

Host: Patricia McDougall & Chintana Vann

Chintana's Uncorked World 
Where Lifestyle Beauty Business Politics Spiritual Awareness Converge 
Be apart of EI Funder

We can make a diffence. 
Chintana's Uncorked EI Social Impact focus on helping charities that create social impact and humanitarian's work gain more resource and funding. We discover and empower emerging artist. Without funding they couldn't grow. We strive to find solutions through connecting with community locally and globally.  
Our outreach team relentlessly promote and fundraising, travel accross the country to feature worthy story.
Help us support the good cause. 

We bring together global investors, seed capital, private equity and strategic innovators.


EI Next Big Thing​

Demo - Pitch - Launch

Start Up, Incubate, Accelerate 

Networking & Connect
Urban Architecture Design
High Fashionshow
Breakthrough Tech
Control the Market

The King Maker - EI Pitch Conference

Demo - Pitch - Launch

A Billion Dollars of funding is looking for the right home to grow its seed. 

Meet the King Makers

Prepare to be Shocked, Inspired and Amazed.
Control Your Own Destiny 
Get educated by those at the top 

Limited number of pitch spots per event available.  This is our third event and, as before, these dates will sell out early for both the Entrepreneur Teams and for audience attendees. 
(Click here to register).  


Bring plenty of business cards and one sheets for our Power Networking events before and after the main event.  


Shark Tank type panel of six expert angel / private equity / capital market investors waiting for you to WOW them!  $399 (6-Minute-Pitch Registration price) includes complimentary refreshments and pre-event pitch coaching.  Tickets for audience attendees - $65 includes refreshments and before and after networking events.

Next Big Thing


Chintana and G, 

Thank you both so much for having the business acumen for acquiring the equity for my development projects. I have been in the Civil Engineering and Land Development space for approximately 34 years, I have talked and have worked with many lenders/brokers for the purpose of raising capital, I have lost money, and I have been left at the closing table expecting money that never shows. So I must say, working with you and your team has been an outstanding experience.

As you are aware, to raise funding for land development projects is not an easy task nor is it something that "just anyone" can do; it takes a special group to have the tenacity, the understanding of capital, the creativity, and the ingenuity to design and complete the task successfully....And I must say, your team has done just that.   

Additionally, when projects are evaluated and analyzed..there are always "twists and turns " along with unexpected surprises; and what I am so impressed with you and your team is that no matter how complex....You do not give up!

Thank you for keeping that positive outlook, and if I could be of any further asssistance with your business, please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Shafi Ibn Muquaddin

Principle, Devland, LLC  

The thing that impresses me the most about Chintana Vann Ketsongkhram--both as an investment counselor and as a life coach--is everything.  She has an uncanny ability to focus on not only the immediate challenge or difficulty, but the root cause of whatever issue I'm dealing with.  Consequently, her advice is always deeply thoughtful and extremely perceptive. 


In short, she isn't just smart--she's wise.  So many people I encounter, even ones I'm paying to help me or to provide a service, are, in the end, simply draining.  Despite their best efforts, our interactions always end up being more about them and their lives, and less about me and my concerns.  But this is never the case with Ms. Vann.  No matter how deeply we may delve into an issue, I never feel drained.  Quite the contrary, I always feel full--full to the point of literally brimming over with new options and possibilities.  She has become, for me, a trusted advisor and a highly valued resource.  I strongly recommend her.

George Andre Tittle

Director & Screenwriter

Hello Tarutis,

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed today's class, like I always do of course. I have sat through a lot of speeches about what the work place was like and how you should do things, but GWheeler was one of the best speakers that I have ever listened to. It was very inspirational to hear him talk and learn a way to go out and make money in the workplace. Thank you for bringing him into class!

Thank you,

Sean Rock
Washington & Jefferson College

Hi Dr. Tarutis,


I was wondering if you could send me the contact information for Coach GWheeler I wanted to send him a note and thank him for coming in. I was truly inspired with the things that he said and would like to thank him and possibly pick his brain. Having contacts such as yourself and “G” would be a great thing and I would like to build a relationship with G like I have with you. I would like to keep in touch with you even after you leave this year. You have inspired me since day one of my first class with you freshman year and I can not thank you enough.


Jordan Yates
Washington & Jefferson College

I had my 1st encounter with Mr. G and Chintana  at a seminar hosted by the pastor's wife of my church. I must admit when they 1st began to speak I really didn't pay them any attention, not only because I was busy accommodating the guests at the seminar, but when it comes to business I'm very confident, headstrong and already know exactly what I want.  But the more they talked the more interested I became. The more they talked the wheels began to turn. The more they talked sparks lit. The more they talked the more I learned. The 1st thing I learned  was why my business wasn't in the billion dollar bracket and that it wasn't even headed in that direction. They had the keys and the answers that an average mind wouldn't be able to think of. Ever wondered why every business isn't a multi million dollar or billion dollar business? That's because there are certain keys to unlock greatness and they have been blessed with the gift of holding the master key. One thing that I can say is that they have been called to the greats and its not for everybody. Everybody isn't called for greatness but if you are, if you know that you know that you are then they are the perfect duo for you. 

          I've already had my 1st one on one with them and it was mind blowing. Straight to the point, no cut cards, chopping your business or business idea to the core to find out how to achieve excellence. What I loved the most is that it wasn't just a long drawn out meeting but it was very hands on. When I told them what I wanted to do, we hopped in the car and went to the state buildings and immediately started the process. I was not expecting that at all. But that was just what i needed. I needed to get in motion and now I'm moving forward....we're moving forward!

The Artist Image Loft

Dr. Tarutis

Subject: Mr "G"   |   Prof Tarutis,

Today was a great class, thank you for bringing your friend in. His excitement was fascinating as well as matched by us. Jesse Alex and I were talking about it after class and how excited we were from the lecture. If you would extend our gratitude to him it would be appreciated. That excitement passion is what this world needs!

Washington & Jefferson College


We can't wait to hear from you.


Tell us a little more about you.


Success! Message received.

Unity Community

UNITY & KINDNESS, 07/16/17

Changing Lives, Connecting People to Opportunities and Organizations that move marketplaces

Join Us


~7.4 B

Current World Population

~66 M

People with no acces to safe drinking water



Toxic chemicals released 
in the environment this year


Undernourished people in the world

Where Conscious Capital Connects to Great Ideas

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