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Welcome to VFOX Island Trust

Welcome to VFOX Island Trust

Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering

Design Build

Global Project Funding

Global Project Funding

Asset Management Treasury Management

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Smart City Development

Smart City Development

Waste to Green Energy LEED Certified Dev.

Government Affairs

Government Affairs

Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Leadership Coaching

Thought Leadership Advisory

SIA - Startup Incubate, Accelerator

SIA - Startup Incubate, Accelerator

Co-Working Spaces to Expand Your Team Vision

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Financial Engineering, Treasury Management, Monetization, Consulting

Connecting Ultra High Net Worth Capital Markets to Social Impact Projects of Members 

Capital Formation / Global Project Development 

The Art of Global Banking and Building Technology

  • SIA - Startup Incubate Accelerator

  • Treasury Asset Management

  • Global Social Impact Capital Formation

  • Special Purpose Vehicles

  • Structured Equity/Debt Capital Formation

  • Financial Engineering 

  • Smart City Development

  • Modern Modular Design-Build Construction

  • Waste to Green Energy

  • Government Affairs

  • Executive Leadership Coaching

  • Urban Developer, Community Reinvestment

  • Modern Modular Design-Build Construction

Glass Buildings

Capabilities Statement

Private Global Business Development Trust Specializing in Capital Formation, Project Funding and Applied Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Curating and Material Manufacturing Design Research and Development of Advanced Asset Crypto Blockchain (tot) “Tokenization of Things” and (mot) “Monetization of Things” including Collectibles, Real Estate, Smart City Design, High-Performance Construction Design-Build, Innovation, Hurricane Resistant Product Development, Construction of Bulletproof Buildings & Materials, Structural Design Engineering, Health, Safety &  Environmentally Friendly Applications; System Installation & Integration.


VFOX Island Labs 

Owned by VFOX Island Trust, LLC


Wholly owned by

VFOX Island Trust


Transportation Fuel Traders 

Contracts and Spot Buys 

A1, D2, D6 available now thru 2-1-2022

VFOX Island Global Logistic Transportation 


Chintana Vann Ketsongkhram

Global AM-Asian Affairs

As a self-contained, private, non-public, GBDT - Global Business Development Trust, we are actively involved in Strategic Capital Formation for an array of social impact projects on behalf of our members.  As a Principal Signatory, our unique approach to corporate finance results in the monetization and management of assets for ultra-high net worth capital market principles.  We collaborate with licensed underwriting teams to design build and deploy credit enhancements to facilitate funding requirements for high-density projects with marquee class A potential. 

Both real estate and non-real estate projects are welcome.  Credit and collateral enhancements along with special purpose vehicles can be used to boost the developer’s projects qualification while reducing investor risk and exposure.  Our goal is to ensure projects attract the widest global capital exposure based on BASEL IV compliance guidelines.  We are both the Principal and Partner on most projects at the top end of the primary markets.  

The majority of our capital formation activity focuses on R&D of treasury and asset management solutions to support (in-house) ventures or joint ventures with organizations and their boards.  We design, build and deploy solutions to solve M&A and M&T liquidity issues using structured debt, primary capital markets.   Our retail community banking M&T advisory practice focuses on solutions to problems concerning treasury and asset management / tier-1 liquidity guidance /compliance/efficiency ratio improvement/growth strategies.  This practice also supports solutions to project funding stacks using CDFI and NMTC treasury engineering.  Services are exclusive to equity partners and accredited members only.   Prospectus and equity funding pool information is available upon qualified request.


Coach G Wheeler Jr

Managing Director

Chief Thought Leadership Strategist

We partner with highly qualified, licensed underwriting teams who focus on financial engineering design to meet the member’s objective including time horizon, risk tolerance, ROI, efficiency ratio, debt ratios, legal, regulatory, asset protection, and privacy & taxation considerations.  It is not uncommon for our licensed underwriters to over collateralize new issue instruments for maximum LTV, safety, security, stability, internal and external yield.  This strategy maximizes the bond yield and insulates the vehicle against market fluctuation.   We also offer access to discounted spot buys from highly rated multinational top 1% global banks;  We engage on Euroclear, Clearstream, CREST, Luxemburg, Borg, Bloomberg Exchange Listings to name a few.

We support crypto blockchain tokenization of profitable regulated and sustainable social impact, green energy projects. Our proprietary re-engineering results in esoteric crypto projects backed by real verifiable hard assets like brick n mortar real estate, regulated bonds, oil & gas or strategic metals like gold bullion reserves.    A portion of all project profits must support disadvantaged global communities which could include, micro-lending, success wage level multi-cultural job creation, career training & development, STEM, innovation, tax credits, CDFI, NMTC, urban development, support to women homeless veterans, community impact, health, wellness, sustainability, and the arts.

Great Ideas

Great Solutions

Deal match makes the submission process simple and streamlined.   START-UPS are welcome to register to enter our incubator – accelerator mentor/protégé services on an hourly fee basis. Most programs run 3 – 6 months.  Startups will only be considered after having graduated from this program. We maintain a full-time team of independent industry advisors and consulting professionals.

Over 100 years of combined international business development/investment banking and finance experience in compliance with rules and laws governing BASEL I, II, III, IV;  BIS, In-house securities corporate counsel


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Contact us for an assessment and discussion with one of our project officers. 

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Coach G Wheeler Jr

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