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Over 100 years of combined international business development/investment banking and finance experience in compliance with rules and laws governing BASEL III & IV, BIS, WorldBank IMF,

In-house securities corporate counsel

Unity Community

UNITY & KINDNESS, 07/16/17

Changing Lives, Connecting People to Opportunities and Organizations that move marketplaces


" Chintana and G, 

Thank you both so much for having the business acumen for acquiring the equity for my development projects. I have been in the Civil Engineering and Land Development space for approximately 34 years, I have talked and have worked with many lenders/brokers for the purpose of raising capital, I have lost money, and I have been left at the closing table expecting money that never shows. So I must say, working with you and your team has been an outstanding experience.

As you are aware, to raise funding for land development projects is not an easy task nor is it something that "just anyone" can do; it takes a special group to have the tenacity, the understanding of capital, the creativity, and the ingenuity to design and complete the task successfully....And I must say, your team has done just that.   

Additionally, when projects are evaluated and analyzed..there are always "twists and turns " along with unexpected surprises; and what I am so impressed with you and your team is that no matter how complex....You do not give up!

Thank you for keeping that positive outlook, and if I could be of any further assistance with your business, please do not hesitate to contact me. "


Shafi Ibn Muquaddin

Principle, Devland, LLC 

"The thing that impresses me the most about Chintana Vann Ketsongkhram--both as an investment counselor and as a life coach--is everything.  She has an uncanny ability to focus on not only the immediate challenge or difficulty, but the root cause of whatever issue I'm dealing with.  Consequently, her advice is always deeply thoughtful and extremely perceptive. 


In short, she isn't just smart--she's wise.  So many people I encounter, even ones I'm paying to help me or to provide a service, are, in the end, simply draining.  Despite their best efforts, our interactions always end up being more about them and their lives, and less about me and my concerns.  But this is never the case with Ms. Vann.  No matter how deeply we may delve into an issue, I never feel drained.  Quite the contrary, I always feel full--full to the point of literally brimming over with new options and possibilities.  She has become, for me, a trusted advisor and a highly valued resource.  I strongly recommend her."

George Andre Tittle

Director & Screenwriter

" I had my 1st encounter with Mr. G and Chintana  at a seminar hosted by the pastor's wife of my church. I must admit when they 1st began to speak I really didn't pay them any attention, not only because I was busy accommodating the guests at the seminar, but when it comes to business I'm very confident, headstrong and already know exactly what I want.  But the more they talked the more interested I became. The more they talked the wheels began to turn. The more they talked sparks lit. The more they talked the more I learned. The 1st thing I learned  was why my business wasn't in the billion dollar bracket and that it wasn't even headed in that direction. They had the keys and the answers that an average mind wouldn't be able to think of. Ever wondered why every business isn't a multi million dollar or billion dollar business? That's because there are certain keys to unlock greatness and they have been blessed with the gift of holding the master key. One thing that I can say is that they have been called to the greats and its not for everybody. Everybody isn't called for greatness but if you are, if you know that you know that you are then they are the perfect duo for you. 

          I've already had my 1st one on one with them and it was mind blowing. Straight to the point, no cut cards, chopping your business or business idea to the core to find out how to achieve excellence. What I loved the most is that it wasn't just a long drawn out meeting but it was very hands on. When I told them what I wanted to do, we hopped in the car and went to the state buildings and immediately started the process. I was not expecting that at all. But that was just what i needed. I needed to get in motion and now I'm moving forward....we're moving forward!"

The Artist Image Loft

" Hello Tarutis,

I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed today's class, like I always do of course. I have sat through a lot of speeches about what the work place was like and how you should do things, but GWheeler was one of the best speakers that I have ever listened to. It was very inspirational to hear him talk and learn a way to go out and make money in the workplace. Thank you for bringing him into class!

Thank you, "

Sean Rock
Washington & Jefferson College

" Hi Dr. Tarutis,


I was wondering if you could send me the contact information for Coach GWheeler I wanted to send him a note and thank him for coming in. I was truly inspired with the things that he said and would like to thank him and possibly pick his brain. Having contacts such as yourself and “G” would be a great thing and I would like to build a relationship with G like I have with you. I would like to keep in touch with you even after you leave this year. You have inspired me since day one of my first class with you freshman year and I can not thank you enough. "


Jordan Yates
Washington & Jefferson College

" Dr. Tarutis

Subject: Mr "G"   |   Prof Tarutis,

Today was a great class, thank you for bringing your friend in. His excitement was fascinating as well as matched by us. Jesse Alex and I were talking about it after class and how excited we were from the lecture. If you would extend our gratitude to him it would be appreciated. That excitement passion is what this world needs! "

Washington & Jefferson College

Where Conscious Capital Connects to Great Ideas

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