Guidelines - Commercial Business & Real Estate Loans

Guidelines - Commercial Business & Real Estate Loans

Project Funding Draft / Comments, Questions and Business Plan Submissions Welcome


· Project Based Capital Formation

· Start Up Funding

· Business Capital

· Operating Capital

· Investment Capital

· Business & Credit Consulting services

· Asset monetization Trade Platforms

· Technology Consulting and Innovation

We offer project financing options. This method of funding in which the lender looks primarily to the revenues generated by a single project, both as the source of repayment and as security for the exposure. Project Finance transactions play an important role in financing development throughout the world. This type of financing is usually for large, complex and expensive installations that might include, for example, power plants, chemical processing plants, mines, transportation infrastructure, environment, and telecommunications infrastructure.

“Project finance may take the form of financing of the construction of a new capital installation, or refinancing of an existing installation, with or without improvements. In such transactions, the lender is usually paid solely or almost exclusively out of the money generated by the contracts for the facility’s output, such as the electricity sold by a power plant. The borrower is usually an SPE (Special Purpose Entity) that is not permitted to perform any function other than developing, owning, and operating the installation. The consequence is that repayment depends primarily on the project’s cash flow and on the collateral value of the project’s assets.

Up to 90% LTV/LTC

We seek clean easily verifiable deals that can close in 10 Days. Complications and lack of transparency up front will create delays and extend a transaction beyond our 10 Day target


Commercial Real Estate Deals from $50,000 to $500 Million

Some Deals will Require Advance Payment of Due Diligence and Fly in Site Visit Fees and Appraisal

· Purchase Loan

· Refinance

· Cash Out Loan

· Construction & Development Loan

· Commercial Building Remodeling Loans

· Commercial Real Estate Note Acquisition

Recent Loans Closed By the Underwriters

· Purchase and Rehab Loans

· Refinance and Equity Loans

· Conforming and non-conforming (bride) loans

· Acquisition, Refinance, Cash Out, Construction

TERM: 3yr Fixed / 5 yr Fixed, 7yr Fixed, 10yr Fixed, 30 yr Fixed Amortization

· Rates as low as 3.75% on Conforming

· Rates as low as 7.99% on Bridge / Hard Money

Commonly Submitted Projects

· Apartments

· Hotels

· Retail Centers

· Office Buildings

· Warehouse

· Storage

· Industrial

· Gas Stations

· Mechanic Shops

· Development Land

· Bank Instruments

· Cash Monetizations



Bank Instruments Monetization from $40 million to $2 Billion

Cash (parked funds) Monetization from 5 million to $2 Billion

CASH / BG / SBLC / SKR Gold Bullion , Copper other Metals & Gem Stones Monetization

· Bank Instruments BG, SBLC, Sovereign Guarantees (high LTV)

· Cash Asset Monetizations (high LTV)

· NI 43101 (high LTV)

· SKR Precious Metals and Art (high LTV)

All Requires Proof of Funds, KYC – CIS Compliance Application, RWA

Rules of the Road

· Once BG or SBLC MT760 confirmed - monetization payout of 55% in 10 banking days

· Once Cash Accounts Confirmed: MT760 / RWA confirmed - monetization paying X in 10 banking days

· Once SKR confirmed - monetization payout of up to 60%% in 10 banking days

· Weekly , bi weekly, monthly disbursement possible

· Current bullet program paying X in 10 banking days

· 5% advance in 24 - 48 hours

· Trader has 100B+ credit line

Supplier / Contractor Based Bridge Funding

Invoice Funding for Verifiable Signed PO’s (purchase orders)

Example: Supplier has been awarded a contract to deliver 10,000 widgets one time or monthly to COSCO or Walmart. Suppliers cost to deliver is $400,000 per 10,000. They need $400,000 cash for operations, production and shipping funding to complete secured purchase order of $700,000 paid net 30 days after delivery by COSCO.

1. Supplier will assign that PO / Invoice to us

2. We fund Supplier in (10 days) to start delivery to COSCO and meet payroll

3. COSCO paid invoices are now diverted to our Lock Box for reimbursement of the $400,000

fees for the advance to the Supplier

4. Balance of funds after reimbursement and fees are wired from Lock Box immediately to Supplier