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EEmerging Artists

Where Conscious Capital Connects to Great Ideas
Connecting and Funding

Meeting & NetWorking

International Spy Gala
Women Empower Women
African Arts Fashion Week DC
Spy International NYE
Women of Excellence - HerLife
Fashion Fundraising

World Congress Of Delegates

Bring Innovative talents to workplace

Together We Can!



Story of People who are Doing Extraordinary Things

EI Fundraising
Supporting children and school
conversation that inspiren& empower

"Inspiring Journey"
Cancer Survivor

Celebrating Thai New Year
Interview with Her Excellency

Pattrawan Vechasart

Royal Thai Embassy Minister

HerLife International Fashionshow
African Fashion Week
NYE Spy Gala
Malaysian Embassy
Pacific Miss Asian American
On the Scene
HerLife Women of Excellence
Pacific 2016
DC Swimweek
NYE International Gala
International Spy Gala
DC Swimweek
We'll Survive Cancer
International Spy Gala
International Spy Gala
Miss Veteran America
Mrs. DC

Vision & Mission
Business & Culture Activities, Community Leaders Conversation. Inspire and Empower

Unity Community & Kindness Movemnet

Gathering of Great minds to inspire Kindness in communit 

Celebrating Thai New Year
Interview with Dr. USA, president of Smiles on Wings Foundation


Chintana's Uncorked World 
Where Lifestyle Beauty Business Politics Spiritual Awareness Converge          
Be apart of EI Funder

We can make a diffence. 
Chintana's Uncorked EI Social Impact focus on helping charities that create social impact and humanitarian's work gain more resource and funding. We discover and empower emerging artist. Without funding they couldn't grow. We strive to find solutions through connecting with community locally and globally.  
Our outreach team relentlessly promote and fundraising, travel accross the country to feature worthy story.
Help us support the good cause. 

Join our equity funding program 

EI Next Big Thing​

Demo - Pitch - Launch 2016

Start Up, Incubate, Accelerate 

Control the Market

The King Maker - EI Pitch Conference

Demo - Pitch - Launch 2016

A Billion Dollars of funding is looking for the right home to grow its seed. 

Meet the King Makers

Prepare to be Shocked, Inspired and Amazed.
Control Your Own Destiny 
Get educated by those at the top 

Limited number of pitch spots per event available.  This is our third event and, as before, these dates will sell out early for both the Entrepreneur Teams and for audience attendees. 
(Click here to register today).  


Bring plenty of business cards and one sheets for our Power Networking events before and after the main event.  


Shark Tank type panel of six expert angel / private equity / capital market investors waiting for you to WOW them!  $399 (6-Minute-Pitch Registration price) includes complimentary refreshments and pre-event pitch coaching.  Tickets for audience attendees - $65 includes refreshments and before and after networking events.

Next Big Thing


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Where Conscious Capital Connects to Great Ideas

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